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by Mxrdad
Sat Mar 25, 2017 2:01 pm
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Topic: Help me understand something
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Re: Help me understand something

I guess you could say my ammo is in another part of the house, but that doesnt mean on the opposite end of the house. I clean em at the kitchen table and the ammo is on the bar about 10 ft away. I always, always remove ammo from magazine and firearm and leave the ammo on the bar. I then take mag and pistol to the table for cleaning. My Ruger LC9s requires mag to be in to dry fire. After cleaning, I'll check the firearm to ensure it works as intended, then load the magazine, and like mentioned above, my saying is "Pistol Hot". It then goes in the holster and put up.

I would make a suggestion when cleaning; Leave your cell phone in another room and leave it alone while cleaning. Multi-tasking while cleaning is distracting and just injects unneeded potential missteps.

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