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by MaduroBU
Thu Nov 08, 2018 10:46 pm
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Topic: California bar shooting leaves 12 dead
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Re: California bar shooting leaves 12 dead

Why are people choosing to murder strangers? What sort of human doors this? Cruz and Lanza seemed like nutcases, but many of these people would've just been described as odd. The vast majority of odd people don't hurt anyone; how do we pick out the ones who will?

This isn't some psychopath lottery in which some random number gets called, but there must bea generic component. Cruz's brother is weird but not a murderer. Lanza's brother is just a normal guy. Stephen Paddock's brother seems odd but isn't a killer. Elliot Rodgers was just not right, but didn't have any siblings to compare. All three sets came from good homes, certainly better than a lot of kids who don't kill.

Twin studies have shown genetic links to violence and crime, but these people aren't knocking over a Quickiemart. This kind of calculating evil is terrifying to behold and defies normal thought on crime and criminals. I don't think that the people who say "I just never saw this coming" are all lying, though Lanza's father and brother WERE afraid of him.

This is something that needs to be understood and stopped.

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