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by MaduroBU
Fri Jul 12, 2019 9:59 pm
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Topic: France: Undocumented immigrants occupy the Pantheon in Paris
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Re: France: Undocumented immigrants occupy the Pantheon in Paris

This seems a bit like calling a spy an "undocumented foreign agent": technically true, but glossing over the central point.

Immigration at will to any nation of one's choosing is not a fundamental human right. The ills that plague Mexico and Central America dont improve with the export of their working age males to the US. We seem to gloss over the fact that the economic value of an illegal immigrant is his/her ability and willingness to be exploited for below market wages. That circumstance has two awful effects:
1) illegal immigrants fill the same economic niche as slaves
2) they suppress wages for all other low skilled workers

I would gladly cut grass for $400k/yr. Folks who don't have the same alternatives would probably work a lot cheaper. But someone who cannot appeal to the authorities about minimum wage and whose options are work on a banana plantation in Guatemala or starvation will work for almost nothing. Illegal immigrants don't steal our jobs; they suppress blue collar wages. Americans absolutely would do those jobs for the right price, but an influx of people whose sole value is exploit ability strongly suppress price discovery.

I cant grasp how someone could come out against slavery and income inequality (which are similar and similarly terrible crimes) but support mass illegal immigration. The Democrats seem to support Trump's unflattering characterization of those nations with the suggestion that they are beyond saving and that their people should all flee to the US. God didn't decree that Central America is a violent wasteland; the British and Spanish empires did. The path forward for them isn't pseudo-slavery in the US, but following the path set by Costa Rica.

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