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by MaduroBU
Tue Aug 13, 2019 12:58 pm
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Topic: CAIR calls for removal of all Confederate symbols
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Re: CAIR calls for removal of all Confederate symbols

That does seem rather odd. The best estimates of African slavery put the American South at a great distance behind South America and the Caribbean, but even those destinations pale in comparison to the mass export of enslaved Africans East to the Islamic world. Even that appears to be tiny compared with the unknowable number of Africans enslaved within Africa itself by tribal wars and rivalries which are still alive today.

The conception of racism as "black vs white" ignores the vast scope of racism and focuses upon a portion of African slavery that amounts to rounding error. Some of the most vicious and unrepentant racism that exists today occurs between groups that would in America be seen as indistinguishable.

This action is fairly easy to write off as polotical point scoring by an organization playing upon the general Western ignorance of the prevalence of slavery in the Islamic world.

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