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by Abraham
Wed Feb 14, 2018 2:36 pm
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Topic: Interesting Non Car Buying Experience
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Re: Interesting Non Car Buying Experience

As for extended warranties - they can be hand for the same coverage for far less expensive elsewhere beyond the dealership.


When I bought my last Tundra, they at the dealership wanted to sell me an extended warranty with a $50.00 deductible for an enormous amount of money. No, I don't recall the exact money number...

I found a Toyota dealership out of state who would sell me an extended warranty for about half what the dealership I was buying my Tundra from wanted, plus no deductible.

At this point, it's more than paid for itself. Things on vehicles go south if you keep them for long enough and I do...

P.S. I was told at the dealership the extended warranty had to be bought before I took possession of the vehicle or I could kiss extended warranty good-bye.


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