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by mccloven27
Tue May 23, 2017 3:15 am
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Topic: Question regarding back ground check on application
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Re: Question regarding back ground check on application

I just got my LTC and had a similar issue. I was given a ticket for petty theft when I was 15. I listed this in the section that asks for any additional information (as I was unsure where else to list it) and they treated it as if it were an arrest. They sent me a letter asking for more information, so I called the county clerk where it happened and they could not find any record of it at all. After telling DPS this (by phone) they informed me I would need to get a "notarized official record of no record". I was able to obtain this from the count clerk where it happened. The county clerk told me it could be handled by mail but since I still have family in the area I just used it as an excuse to go visit. While there I had them run a felony and juvenile/misdemeanor check (they charged 5 bucks for each report) and submitted the documents to DPS. A bit of fair warning though after submitting the paperwork it still took over 5 months to get my license and even then only because I called multiple times to question the delay. Hope this helps

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