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by strogg
Tue Mar 20, 2018 7:58 pm
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Re: NRA Video

Pawpaw wrote:
RPBrown wrote:Not an NRA video but it could very well be. ... 1695/?t=80
That was five years ago, but I agree. Very powerful and concise.
That guy reminds me of an FFL I would work with back when I was in CA. He is a Chinese immigrant turned citizen turned home-based FFL. He had the cheapest transfer fees ($40 compared to >$100 at other places), so I would always use him for such transactions. He got into the business because he wanted to teach other Chinese immigrants how to go about owning a gun, shoot safely, and use it responsibly for self defense. He's quite successful, actually. I was definitely not part of his target customer base by any stretch of the imagination, but he was always happy to work with me for all of my transfer needs. He's also the most thorough FFL I've ever encountered. He looked over each and every 4473 meticulously, triple checking and quadruple checking all the paperwork and supporting documentation. The last thing he wants is to have the CA DOJ or the feds revoke his license. The guy in the video could very well be his twin brother.

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