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by von Clausewitz
Sat Dec 14, 2019 12:21 pm
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Topic: VPN recommendation for Chromebook and iPhone
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Re: VPN recommendation for Chromebook and iPhone

I use NordVPN and like it...but understand that you will need to turn it off for some banks and other services...

One of my banks will not allow me on at all without shutting off VPN, while other banks wil not allow me to use certain services because they “cannot determine if you are U.S. based”...

I’ve had a few problems with this site too, and while I haven’t gotten it officially from the mods, I will wager it is because of my VPN...

Nothing is the perfect fix...get VPN and then if you go to a site that blocks you, or partially blocks you, turn off th VPN and see if that fixe it.

The NordVPN app makes it easy to transition back and forth...

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