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Wed May 02, 2018 12:52 pm
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Topic: NRA National Meeting May 3-6 -- Anybody Worried?
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Re: NRA National Meeting May 3-6 -- Anybody Worried?

Flightmare wrote:
cyphertext wrote:
Bitter Clinger wrote:
cyphertext wrote:Looks like Alyssa Milano will be in Dallas to head up a protest on May 5th... Think she would be willing to sign my convention ticket? ... st-nra-18/
When I asked my wife this question, her response was "Is she even still relevant?"
Perhaps that is why she is heading up the protest? Attempting to regain/retain relevance.
Is any celebrity relevant?

OK. OK. That's not completely fair. There are some celebrities who are famous because they're experts in their field, and those individuals are relevant within their field. However, fame doesn't guarantee competence in their field, and is often inversely correlated with relevance outside their profession.

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