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by Tex1961
Fri Nov 17, 2017 9:33 pm
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Topic: From Sweden with love
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From Sweden with love

Below is a copy of a post that was made on another gun forum that I belong to. I thought it was worth sharing. The grammar is bad, but hey I can’t speak a word of Swedish so.

Since im very much jealous on u guys in the US and how "easy" it is for u to buy guns i want make a thread how it is in Sweden and how i got my guns.

First off we have to be members of a shoting assosiation. That is not as easy as it sounds.
U can NOT just walk in to an assosiation and tell them that u want to be a member.
U have to know some1 that allready is a member.

When that issue is done u pay for a full year membership without no garantees that they will keep u as a member, a test membership.

The first 6 months every new member without a licence have to shoot with airpistols, once / week.
Yepp thats right, 6 months shoting pellets...

After 6 months the instructor may let u lend and shoot with 22lr.
Those r very abused guns and everybody who have shot them have in someway changed the aim or grip or what ever u can think of. So shooting with these guns is not easy. And they r definetly not top notch.
I shot with 22lr Taurus revolver and Vostok.Taurus Vostok

Not very modern guns. None of them.

To recive a confirmation from the assosiation for licence we have to score 46 points (called shooting gold) of 50 with 5 bullets 3 times from 25m (about 27 yards or 82 feet). Its precission shooting so there is no rush while shooting.
But with those guns its allmost impossible...

I was lucky and score my gold after about 4 or 5 months.
I forgot to mention... There is a small chance that u can shoot with the gun u had last week depending on who got it first...

Afterwards or meanwhile ur trying to get ur gold scores u have to think of what gun ur gonna buy.
The first gun must be a 22lr.

My mind have allways been set on to get the best tool no matter what im working with.
Therefor i chosen the Feinwerkbau AW93. 1 of the top notch competition guns.

After 1 year of membership in the assosiation, all new members have to meet the board and tell them about ur self and y u want to be a shooter.

If the board accept ur wish u get a full membership, fill a form and apply for ur fist gun.
Again, if the board say ok to ur choice they send their own form to the authorities at the same time as i fill a form and send to the authorities.
When filling the form u must be specific on what brand, barrel lenght and mag capacity it is on the gun.
All pistols is only for target shooting. I have not heard of anything else. NO carry, No selfe defense or anything that comes up to mind. Only target shooting! OFC u must have a gun safe that u write down in the form, how big and model.

It takes about 6-8 weeks to get an answer from the authorities.
Ofc they do a detailed check on the person on his/ her background.

I had no issues with this so i got my "OK" and found a seller of a Feinwerkbau.

If the new gunowner want to get a higher caliber gun he/she must wait 6 months (yet another test period) to apply for the higher caliber gun.

Same procedure again, apply and fill a form on what gun and brand, model, send it to the board who have meetings once in month, get ok from board, fill form and send to authorities.
Authorities say ok, Find seller, buy gun.

When u have a specific gun, say Canik TP9 SFX, its allmost impossible to get a similar gun for target shooting.
Authorities say " u allready have 1".

Yes i have 2 9mm guns, SFX and Sig Sauer X-Five.
That is because when i applyed for the X-Five ( my first 9mm ) it was for precision shooting.
The SFX is for Field competition

For each and every gun, caliber we must apply a request to the board.

I appoligy for my grammar and misspellings.

U guys understand y im so jealous on u guys, buyng guns like we buy candy lol

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