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by Tex1961
Sun Dec 10, 2017 7:32 pm
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Topic: Quality range time today
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Quality range time today

We do 90% of our shooting at the Frisco Gun Range so we are limited on what we can do as far as speed, holster draw, etc. etc... Got together with about 5 other guys and hit a private outdoor range today. One of the guys is a certified range master and competes professionally. Between all of us there had to be 40 different firearms. Everything from little 22 pistols up to 45acp. AK47's, shotguns, everything. I was able to do a lot of holster draw with my regular CCW and did a lot of tactical multi target drawing and firing. At least a thousand rounds downrange if not more between us all. Sunny and almost 70 degrees outside, was absolutely perfect.

I know this is a go nowhere post, just wanted to express my joy of being able to hit an outdoor private range and get some real world training in on multiple platforms and scenarios.

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