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by Dragonfighter
Fri Dec 13, 2013 3:15 pm
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Topic: Opinions/comments on parking lot guy approching me?
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Re: Opinions/comments on parking lot guy approching me?

VMI77 wrote: My son exited a restaurant in Chicago and a panhandler approached him and said she was hungry. He told her he'd take her into the restaurant and buy her a meal. She said she didn't like that kind of food and wanted Chinese food. The result: she got nothing. They do think they're owed a handout....that's precisely what the government and the "entitlement" system have taught them.
OT, but if someone says they're hungry, I'll offer to feed them. If they gratefully accept then they are likely to get a small amount of cash as well. I'm not trying to boast or say anything other than feeding a hungry person is what my boss told me to do and it can be fulfilling.

OTOH, if they don't, or they get nasty they get nothing, same goes for a "will work for food" ploy. I desperately needed help with a yard project, stopped near a "able bodied" type and offered a $100 plus meals to help me for a few hours. He said, "I can make more staying here," and he got nothing.

Finally to the OP. I'm not the ninja fast youngster I used to be. If you approach me in a parking lot you best be announcing your intentions from a long ways off. Otherwise it won't be pleasant. I think you did fine, you came away with no one hurt, Gander Mountain knows and you'll live to shop another day. The one criticism is a common one as almost everyone forgets the step when faced with this; call 911 early or have your partner/SO do so while you are occupied. Let your story be the first one on record. Not only does it get your story on record, it bolsters your "I feel threatened" position.

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