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by Rob72
Fri Oct 12, 2018 8:20 am
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Topic: Good EDC belt??
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Re: Good EDC belt??

For non-leather, Spec-Ops brand Better BDU Belt, based and made here in Tejas:

Their photography is a bit lacking, as the buckle isn't nearly big as it looks on the site. For some reason, I've found my black and olive belts to stay more rigid than my coyote- I suspect it's the nature of the dying process. I use the Better BDU belts as they are more than adequate for an IWB G19, 2 mags and fixed blade.

I also have 2 of 5.11's Drop Shot belts:

The G-hook is nice, if I need to carry a couple of other things on my belt, or if the belt-loop spacing doesn't quite work with holster loops and the buckle. I don't find them nearly as easy to put on or take off, but I suspect that's a matter of having used the Spec-Ops belts for several years.

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