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Wed May 02, 2018 9:47 am
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Topic: Monumental: Another Great Amazon Documentary
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Re: Monumental: Another Great Amazon Documentary

Paladin wrote:The National Monument to the Forefathers was originally known as Pilgrim monument, but if you search for Pilgrim monument, most often the other 1910 monument shows up.

I am still amazed I had never heard of or seen the monument before.
That monument is pretty fantastic. And man, thats a ton of granite. lol
The plan of the principal pedestal is octagonal, with four small, and four large faces; from the small faces project four buttresses. On the main pedestal stands the heroic figure of "Faith" with her right hand pointing toward heaven and her left hand clutching the Bible. Upon the four buttresses also are seated figures emblematical of the principles upon which the Pilgrims founded their Commonwealth; counter-clockwise from the east are Morality, Law, Education, and Liberty. Each was carved from a solid block of granite, posed in the sitting position upon chairs with a high relief on either side of minor characteristics. Under "Morality" stand "Prophet" and "Evangelist"; under "Law" stand "Justice" and "Mercy"; under "Education" are "Youth" and "Wisdom"; and under "Liberty" stand "Tyranny Overthrown" and "Peace". On the face of the buttresses, beneath these figures are high reliefs in marble, representing scenes from Pilgrim history. Under "Morality" is "Embarcation"; under "Law" is "Treaty"; under "Education" is "Compact"; and under "Freedom" is "Landing". Upon the four faces of the main pedestal are large panels for records.

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