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by Hunchback187
Fri Apr 13, 2018 7:49 am
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Topic: Time frame
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Re: Time frame

Here has been my experience. I am a permanent resident alien. Been here in the US since I was 2 years old and I am in my mid 30s now.
I went to a gun show and purchased my first handgun about 2 months ago (I used to shoot steel plate comp matches when I was 9yrs old). The background check process for that was horrific. 2 submissions and 30 days later I was given the go ahead to purchase a Ruger 9E. Sad part is that they sold it while they were waiting on my background to clear, so they cut me a great deal on an Ruger SR9 $338 cash out the door.
So I went and ran different types of ammo through the SR9, found out that mine hates brass but loves steel and aluminum casings. So I put about 800 rounds through it on 4 different trips to the range to get it broke in and get a feel for it.
After that I took my class on March 31st. Most of the people there had no reason to be around a firearm... :shock: We had one guy sweep the range and another guy completely fail the shooting test... Out of a max score of 250 the instructor said I got a 267 (The guy to my right shot my target)... :fire Anyways, aced that and went through the classroom bit without a hitch.
Scheduled finger prints for April 2nd, no issues there.
Paid and turned in all my information online the evening of April 2nd.
No update on the website until April 10th.
As of today April 13th I am in Print Pending status. :hurry:
From what I have read I'm guessing another 5 or so days until I have the license in hand.

Hope that helps someone out on where the time frame is about now. :cheers2:

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