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by mathewslw
Tue May 01, 2018 4:22 pm
Forum: National Rifle Association
Topic: NRA National Meeting May 3-6 -- Anybody Worried?
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Re: NRA National Meeting May 3-6 -- Anybody Worried?

I would not count on getting your badge in time for our NRA annual meeting. My wife kept getting different answers on when we would get our badges. We did find out that some were not even mailed until last week. This is now Tuesday and no badges. I did call the NRA yesterday. They know there is a problem and said there would be extra booths to register at the meeting. I was also told this was a new company and I was assured this would never happen again. We are fortunate that we can be there on Thursday, but no telling how many members that don't have badges and can only get there late, I see this being a real nightmare.

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