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by cdwieg
Thu Jun 07, 2018 9:48 am
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Topic: 2018 New LTC Processing Timeline...
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Re: 2018 New LTC Processing Timeline...

My thoughts would be:

1) Digital imaging for prints is nice because you don’t get the smearing of ink and the print “lines” can have better clarity. But with that said, sometimes people’s fingerprints just don’t print well regardless of the medium (ink or digital). I saw it a lot during the days of an ink pad; the distortion was sometimes horrible and there are less instances with digital printing but it still happens.

2) If you ever had your fingerprints taken before such as for a background check for work or something else then the FBI will have them on file then they can do a 99.99%+ match based on your name and other vital information by performing a comparative analysis with the latest round of submitted fingerprints. It’s a fairly simple process and only takes a few minutes longer.

3) You saying you’ve lived your entire life in Texas doesn’t mean much to the DPS. For example, they know things happen on vacation or spring break. [ :woohoo ] Anyway, the DPS will have to do a national search based on your name and other data such as DOB, race, gender, height, weight, etc. Anything unique helps their process but it will take much longer.

I know… it sucks.

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