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by RevKev
Tue Sep 04, 2018 1:10 pm
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Topic: 2018 New LTC Processing Timeline...
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Re: 2018 New LTC Processing Timeline...

Ok I think it’s only fair for me to post my timeline as I really watched allot of you get yours in my long wait to get mine, I got affirmation of all received on 05/30/2018, about a week later my page showed up online and all was green except for prints and background, I realized within the first week as well that I needed to send in supporting docs and did so but got an email back from them after a few calls stating no info was needed that my application was being processed, I finally went all green 08/24/2018, I can only tell you that I have a security clearance with the state, it is my advice that if you do, send that with your original application as well as other supporting docs, I have never found out if this was the reason mine took almost 3 months but I can tell you that when I purchased 3 of my handguns I also had to wait for over 24hrs on each of those because according to the place I buy my equipment, having a security clearance of any kind flags you and then they must dig all that up so it wouldn’t hurt just to send it, or wait for 3 nerve racked month as I did cause your mind can really start racing when you see so many getting their license and your getting passsed up by everyone, crazy I tell ya but thankful that I am a memeber of the LTC club!

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