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by Mattmc0416
Mon Dec 10, 2018 3:24 pm
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Topic: 2018 New LTC Processing Timeline...
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Re: 2018 New LTC Processing Timeline...

11/21 submitted application
11/26 submitted fingerprints
12/01 took class and submitted LTC-100
12/08 all green except pending FP, BC, and print

I have lived in 10 states, had a top secret security clearance in the navy, adsep discharge from military, and a class b misdemeanor 6 years ago.

Will be interesting how long this takes.

12/19 UPDATE: Still waiting on fingerprints to go green. It has been 19 days and counting. Makes no sense.
12/28 UPDATE: Still waiting for fingerprints to go green. It’s now 28 days. How long does it take to review fingerprints. Geez
01/06 UPDATE: Still waiting for fingerprints and BC. Not sure what the delay is on the fingerprints. I have not received information to take new ones. Will call next Friday if no status change.
01/20 UPDATE:Received letter stating they needed disposition of an arrest. I missed ships movement and was given restriction. How do they even know that. And why is that a factor. It was like missing work. Wasn’t a big deal. I had to download my entire military record and submit. I submitted my ENTIRE military record same day as letter received.
01/23 UPDATE: received email that my documents have been received and my application is being moved back into process.
01/29 UPDATE: Print Pending!! Woohoo it’s on its way!!

Even requesting additional information it is gong to beat the 60 day timeline.

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