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by longtooth
Thu Jan 23, 2020 4:43 am
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Topic: Been too long
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Re: Been too long

Guess I'll start it then. I am the early bird here. Breakfast is already done. Finishin the 1st pot of coffee now. Welcome back. Hope you stay daily back involved. I did that too for a while but not due to log in. Just got to many life issues there for a while . Prolly shuda stayed here for stress relief but did not manage it.
I guess biggest good news that is new is I lost nearly 50 pounds and feel better.
Everybody healthy for our age.
Lord blessed us w/ a husband for our Granddaughter. They live bout 500 yds from us.
He looks like will be a really good one. Good worker on a pretty good job for not quit 21 yet.
Catch us up on all your blessings.

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