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by MediocreMexican
Tue Jul 16, 2019 10:51 am
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Topic: New to CCW
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New to CCW

I have recently received my LTC and am like most new people to the CCW life, a little lost with all the possibilities and combinations of guns and holsters and belts and carry positioning and body build type and on and on.... I Live in the Garland area and am looking for someone that has lots of experience with CCW and would not mind meeting up in irl so I can pick their brain and maybe they also have the "Box full of holsters they don't use" that everyone talks about that I could try out and get hands on with and see what would possibly work best for me. I am 5'4'' and about 150 lbs if that helps since I know body type has quite a bit to do with the comfort/conceal-ability of it. I am also new to this forum and was sent from someone on reddit. Figure I would try my luck here as it is the TexasCHLForum :txflag: Also I do already have a S&P shield 9mm and a concealment express kydex holster i got with a Blue Alpha gear low pro belt. It works ok but still have not found a position I like. Just got a Gen4 Glock 19 and really want to get to the point where I can carry AIWB with something like a T-rex side car or Tier 1 Axis slim, but as I dont have a lot of money just lying around to spend on a bunch of holster really hope someone here can help a fellow LTC holder out. Man someone really needs to open up a store all about CCW life so people can come in and try things out. Feel like there is a business idea there some how.... anyways i digress.... Thanks for any help.

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