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Mon Sep 16, 2019 1:12 pm
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Topic: .22 pistol choices
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Re: .22 pistol choices

I have the ruger sr22. A fun plinker and have yet to discover any ammo it wont eat...

Tho not mentioned... A favorite of mine is the Colt .22 (Also known as the 'Cadet' early on before Colt was forced to remove the 'cadet' name)
While no longer made, it is a tack driver! Easy to take down and clean.
Even tho it was last made back in the 90's it still looks every bit 'modern' than anything else today.
One day I'd like to find the 6 inch barrel for it..
If you ever have an opportunity to buy one..I'd highly recommend it!

(Not my actual pistol. Image found on the interwebs. )

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