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by ScottDLS
Tue Aug 21, 2018 10:57 am
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Topic: Formaldehyde or It's Equal Leaking Out The Dead
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Re: Formaldehyde or It's Equal Leaking Out The Dead

Almost everyone now living has the Z virus inside them. It only gets transmitted to the living by fluid(saliva) to blood transfer(i.e. by a bite from one of the active (un)dead). The previously and permanently dead can no longer be hosts for the virus, hence no concern for cemeteries with leaky caskets. :shock:

Now seriously...I expect by the time a casket degraded to the point of allowing the contents to escape the body would long since be desiccated and free of fluids. Even formaldehyde would likely be degraded or present in such small quantities as not to be a threat to the water table. Additionally, for low lying places like New Orleans, many dead are "buried" above ground to avoid floating caskets/corpses in a flood. Then there's always cremation. :???:

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