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by ScottDLS
Sun Nov 18, 2018 6:03 pm
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Topic: Ever Eaten Raw Beef?
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Re: Ever Eaten Raw Beef?

Sounds like steak tartare. However, given that the Mongols/Tartars were barbarians, I lack a craving for their food, and am suspect of their methods of preparation...I heard they put it under their saddles... :shock:

I generally will try anything with the caveat that it must be dead prior to consuming it. Some people also may observe religious or moral strictures that preclude them eating certain foods. I don’t know if raw beef counts. I’ll have to ask a Rabbi or Imam familiar with Kosher or Halal dietary rules which are the only ones I’m passingly familiar with. From my limited understanding it could depend on the part of the cow and the circumstances of its demise/butchering.

I like sushi, most shellfish, even tried eel, squid, and octopus, though land based invertebrates are on my list of never try. I like Latin American food in almost all its versions part of the cow is wasted :smilelol5: . Pork in all its forms is fine with me, including chitterlings (intestine), however it must be cooked and prepared properly.

I have to say, this thread has made me think. The raw onion with the raw ground beef has me rethinking my aversion to raw beef. :evil2:

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