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by ScottDLS
Wed Oct 23, 2019 12:01 am
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Topic: Bonnen will not seek re-election
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Re: Bonnen will not seek re-election

I wonder if our fellow Texans in his district realized what a RINO he was and he thought he'd lose a primary. I'm also upset that our Lt. Governor is pushing for "universal background check". I'm sorry NO! This is Texas. I moved here from Virginia 28 years ago when I got out of the Navy, because I viewed it as the biggest pro-freedom and individualism state! I grew up in North Carolina and lived in NY, RI, and VA. I was born in MA. I chose Texas while I was serving (yes my parents moved here so it was legit ;-) ) I've lived here over half my 53 years. I voted against Anne Richardson in 1990. I voted for George Bush in 1994. I'm darned if we're going to let the California transplants and fake Hispanic Irishmen take our great state. My job for the last 24 years has taken me to Europe, South America, India, and all over the US. I worked in Argentina and Brazil for a year. Whenever mu business associates asked me where in the US I was from and I said TEXAS! they liked it. Taxi drivers in Buenos Aires and Mexico City wanted to hear about Texas and Dallas. My Spanish stinks, but I think they still wanted to hear about our great state.


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