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by flechero
Sun Feb 11, 2018 7:51 pm
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Topic: Home Defense Weapon
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Re: Home Defense Weapon

2 things I haven't seen discussed in the 9 v. 223 debate:

1. misses... I've read a number of well documented articles over the years that suggest that the majority of shots fired in a defensive encounter miss. (inlcluding LEOs) So let's worry about marksmanship and training first because you need to worry WAY MORE about the round headed to the other room with nothing slowing it down than the round that went through a person before hitting walls...


2. if you don't stop the perp immediately, your kids in the next room aren't going to worry about a round that over penetrates or misses- they will need to worry about the perp! So if you don't put him down, you won't be around to defend the wife and kids.

Over penetration is something I worry about when hunting or target shooting, where every shot recreational.

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