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by The Annoyed Man
Sat Apr 15, 2017 10:50 am
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Topic: Galco "Jackass" Shoulder Holster question
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Re: Galco "Jackass" Shoulder Holster question

boomstick wrote:I am thinking about purchasing a Galco "Jackass" Shoulder Holster for my 5" 1911.

While reading reviews, I came across one where the reviewer was warning folks not to purchase one if they have a large belly because with the lowered grip position of the pistol in the rig. It seems that you have to reach around the largest part of your girth with the opposite hand to draw the firearm.

Does anyone have insight or experience with this?
No experience with that particular holster, but I did take that into consideration when I bought the horizontal Miami Classic II instead. I am a "big guy" too. I don't have any problem drawing from the horizontal holster. While I am mindful that the horizontal muzzle may sweep someone at some point, it is an entirely subjective thing. The gun is safe, the holster encloses the trigger, the retention of which is adjustable, and there's a thumb-break retention strap. The pistol isn't going anywhere, and it can't fire all by its onesies. In my opinion, the horizontal muzzle is more of a social faux-pas than a real safety issue......and you can easily solve that with a light cover garment.

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