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by The Annoyed Man
Tue Jul 16, 2019 11:07 pm
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Re: New to CCW

MediocreMexican wrote:
Tue Jul 16, 2019 10:51 am
I have recently received my LTC and am like most new people to the CCW life, a little lost with all the possibilities and combinations of guns and holsters and belts and carry positioning and body build type and on and on.... I Live in the Garland area and am looking for someone that has lots of experience with CCW and would not mind meeting up in irl so I can pick their brain and maybe they also have the "Box full of holsters they don't use" that everyone talks about that I could try out and get hands on with and see what would possibly work best for me. I am 5'4'' and about 150 lbs if that helps since I know body type has quite a bit to do with the comfort/conceal-ability of it. I am also new to this forum and was sent from someone on reddit. Figure I would try my luck here as it is the TexasCHLForum :txflag: Also I do already have a S&P shield 9mm and a concealment express kydex holster i got with a Blue Alpha gear low pro belt. It works ok but still have not found a position I like. Just got a Gen4 Glock 19 and really want to get to the point where I can carry AIWB with something like a T-rex side car or Tier 1 Axis slim, but as I dont have a lot of money just lying around to spend on a bunch of holster really hope someone here can help a fellow LTC holder out. Man someone really needs to open up a store all about CCW life so people can come in and try things out. Feel like there is a business idea there some how.... anyways i digress.... Thanks for any help.
Welcome to the forum.

If you want to carry AIWB, check out CYA Supply: ... wb-holster, $37.74. I have this holster for a G19, and one for a G26. I have another one exactly like it that my son made for me, to fit a G43. They work great, they’re adjustable for cant, and they’re cheap—in price, but not in quality. They are very well made for what they are.

That said, although this kind of holster is very comfortable for my G26 and G43, I personally find a G19 to be at the outer limits of AIWB comfort. It’s just fine as long as I’m standing, but it noticeably digs into my thigh whenever I sit down. The G19 is just a tad too long for me to sit comfortably for long. I’m 5'10", or 6" taller than you are, so you might find it even more uncomfortable to sit with a G19 carried AIWB than I do. However, with the adjustable cant, you can easily shift the holster closer to your hip to sit down if necessary. But this is the main reason that I usually carry my G19 in a shoulder holster, or on my OWB on my hip in a belt holster. I DO have a drawer full of holsters you’d be welcome to try, but I am left handed, and I I live way over in NRH, so too far to be convenient for either of us.

BTW, there is a CYA model for your shield, to carry if AIWB if you want: ... lack-right. It carries the same $37.74 price of the G19 model.

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