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by phoneguy
Sun Nov 09, 2008 10:00 am
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Topic: It's starting to sink in for some folks
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Re: It's starting to sink in for some folks

SCone wrote:I was talking with a lady that has a table at trade fairs, antique shows and such, but the biggest money maker is gunshows. We had talked before the election and I knew she was leaning toward Obama so she could get health care FOR FREE. We went round and round with ways she could purchase it herself, but she always came back to, "That's just too expensive for me."

I saw her yesterday in Mesquite, she was amazed at how many people were buying ARs. I said, "Well, after Biden gets his 'assault weapons' ban re-instated, the price on them will double, maybe even triple. But that won't matter too much when they stop individual gun sales and ban all the gunshows."

Her face was priceless, she said, "They can't ban gunshows, I make 90% of my income from gunshows." I said, "At least you'll have health care."

To which she replied, "What good is health care if I loose everything I have?"

Another awakens from the darkness.

Or to put it another way..

Another turkey who suddenly understands the concept of Thanksgiving.

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