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by Charles L. Cotton
Sat Aug 05, 2006 9:53 am
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Re: Ahhh!

that is garbage! It's about time TX loses 30.06 I used to live in NH and had my NH, MA and Maine CHLs and the only things that were off limits were court houses.
TPC §30.06 was enacted expressly to protect CHL's. Prior to 30.06, even a tiny "ghostbusters" transparent decal on the lower corner of a glass door was sufficient to get someone prosecuted for criminal trespass. The sign requirements are pretty onerous, which is one reason why we see so few. The other reason is that the knee-jerk reaction the CHL statute has subsided since 1995.

I think what you really want is to change the law where private property owners can't prohibit CHL's from carrying and we'd never get that passed. The best that could be achieved is prohibiting the use of 30.06 to bar CHL's from government owned property.

It's one thing to limit the number of places the Legislature determines to be off-limits to CHL's, but it's quite another to tell a private property owner he/she can't keep guns off of their property. I'm all for keeping the government list as short as possible. I also would support a bill that would not allow a commercial business operation to bar CHL’s from the property during regular business hours. Commercial property is heavily regulated already and the property owner does not enjoy the very wide latitude enjoyed by non-commercial property owners. Business owners can’t bar entry to someone in a wheel chair, nor a blind person using a guide-dog. You can’t bar someone based upon race, etc. It would not add any burden whatsoever to prevent a business owner from prohibiting a CHL on their property with a gun. I am probably in the minority in this position.


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