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by SoAusDave
Wed Nov 05, 2008 3:25 pm
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Topic: Well what can we REALLY expect now under Obama?
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Re: Well what can we REALLY expect now under Obama?

I look to see an AWB ban filed again, and probably passed. I am not as sure it will pass as some, since the Dems know it will cost them the 2010 elections.
Conceled carry will also come under assult
It won't hurt to start building an alliance w/ the blue dog dems. Heller amicus brief by VP & congess was signed by 55 senators & 250 congress criters, not all of them were republicans
Jim webb & Jon Tester a good start in senate, many of the recently elected dem reps are from districts that were drawn by republicans, meaning they are very vulnerable to being thrown out! ... ngress.pdf" onclick=";return false;
There were ~50 dems who supported H.R. 6691
To repeal D.C.s ban on semi-automatic pistols, the requirement that handguns be registered, and allow District residents from traveling to Virginia or Maryland to buy guns. The District currently forbids importing guns, and there are no registered gun dealers with shops in Washington.
-Gods speed

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