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by gduncan52
Fri Jan 26, 2018 9:46 pm
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Topic: Does This AR Custom Build Look Okay?
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Re: Does This AR Custom Build Look Okay?

The Annoyed Man wrote:
bblhd672 wrote:
SQLGeek wrote:For that price I'd rather buy an S&W or a Ruger. They haven't been perfect but I'd trust either of those over PSA's spotty reputation. Of course that doesn't include an optic but Ruger AR-556s are running pretty cheap these days.
S&W M&P 15 Sport II $470 at ... mm-16.html

Ruger AR-556 $499 at ... -30rd.html
And Cabela’s has a DPMS Oracle for $499: ... s?slotId=0
Just a basic carbine. Any one of the above is a good entry level carbine for the same price as the rifle you’re looking at, and they have a milspec lower rather than a polymer lower receiver.

Here’s the Ruger:

And here’s the S&W:
Although, of those three, I’d go for the Ruger for the simple reason that it includes front and rear iron sights. It’s worth noting that both the Ruger and S&W have enlarged trigger guards to accommodate gloved fingers.
I just got the DPMS last week at grabagun for $389. I believe they are still showing it for that today.

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