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by 03Lightningrocks
Sun Nov 03, 2019 9:41 am
Forum: National Rifle Association
Topic: A little more of the NRA is being told
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Re: A little more of the NRA is being told

Nagorg wrote:
Sun Nov 03, 2019 9:01 am
I'm amazed at the anti-NRA stance I have been seeing on several forums. Honestly, I can understand it based on the references I'm pointed to when I try to rally support. I have to wonder if at least some of it is part of a grand plot to undermine the NRA but other things are hard to dispute.

I am a long time supporter of the NRA. That's not gonna change but I'd like to find info to help refute the bashing I continue to see on otherwise Pro-2A sites.
For someone to claim they are pro 2nd amendment but anti NRA show a certain level of ignorance that is very difficult to understand. If not for the NRA, we would no longer have private ownership of firearms and that is a fact! The NRA has fought hard over the years to hold back the forces that would have us all disarmed.

Think of it like this, if there was no NRA, who or what would have kept politicians from instituting any anti gun legislation they decided was emotionally called for over the years?

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