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by LabRat
Mon Jan 28, 2019 1:34 pm
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Topic: Air Travel Update
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Re: Air Travel Update

It's not just United Airlines.

Wife and I flew AA to North Carolina in November 2018.
I checked in on-line 24 hours pre-flight, no issues.

When I checked my firearm in at DFW, all went smooth. No issues. Flew and luggage was no problem

On the return flight, I could not check in on-line.
Site stated that I was flying with a firearm and I am required to check in at the flight terminal.
I went along with it; what else was I going to do?
Check in was smooth, no issues and arrived at DFW with no hassles.

I don't know about the TSA, but the airlines are keeping the score at least on a flight-by-flight basis.
My $0.02

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