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Sat Jun 03, 2006 1:49 pm
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Topic: Public Safety vs Public Debt
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I defaulted on a student loan many years ago. Eventually, it went into wage garnishment. We weren't doing all that well at the time so I just left it as is. I was angry, however, that I couldn't get my CHL with that hovering over me.

Time went by and we got on our feet and arranged a payment schedule. That lasted for about six months or so until my wife was injured and unable to work for a little over a year. Very tough times with only one income...almost lost the house. So, the loan ended up defaulting again and back to wage garnishment I went.

Sometime after that, my brother gave me my first 1911 as a gift...just "because". Suddenly I had a renewed interest in obtaining my CHL but once again, the default stopped me.

I mentioned this on another forum I belonged to and one of the other members (SteyrM40, a member here too, actually) told me that he was almost sure I was eligible because in the eyes of the state, garnishment was repayment. :shock:

I emailed the DPS about it and the response was that indeed, I should be fine as long as I met all of the other requirements. I called TGSLC and they told me the same thing. I was dumbstruck...I asked if I were rejected would they provide the "licensing" letter to DPS and they said absolutely!

Sorry for the long read...but to anyone in default for the debts listed in the eligibility requirements...if you are being garnished, you probably qualify. I took my class two weeks later.

As an added bonus...when I called TGSLC, he also infomed me that I only had three payments left...which only ended up being two with the last one being refunded (that paid the actual license fee).


Oh yeah...THANKS STEYRM40!!! ;-)

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