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by TexasVet
Sun May 06, 2018 9:44 pm
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Topic: Discount codes from NRA AM 2018
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Discount codes from NRA AM 2018

Hi All,

Had a good time at the NRA AM, I mainly attended the lectures and did a bit of browsing through the vendors. I am sure I missed some great deals, but for those who did not make it, I wanted to pass on a few discount codes that some vendors had. If someone else has others, just reply below for the other forum member's benefit. Also if you know other sites (I admittedly did not check or others) let us know.

Comp-Tac - 20% off - "NRA2018"
Coolfire trainer - $25 off - "NRA18"
Benchmade - 25% off "BMKIWWST" - exp 3/31/2019
Geissele - 20%off "NRA9WD8D" - exp 5/20/18

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