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by SIGFan43
Wed Sep 11, 2019 6:35 am
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Topic: The Much-Maligned, Under-powered 30 U.S. Carbine
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Re: The Much-Maligned, Under-powered 30 U.S. Carbine

Charles, thank you for posting the video. I watched it all the way through, because the M1 was the rifle I fired in USAF basic training in 1964. I remember firing prone position at about 100 yards, that's all. I got a ribbon for that, and believe it was a sharpshooter or marksman, whatever was the second highest level in accuracy. I had never fired anything except my dad's .22LR rifle. My first gun ever was a Winchester lever action .22 Magnum, bought at Otasco in 1968. I remember filling out the 4473, which was a surprise to me. In the 1970s, I fired a friend's registered M2, and it was sweet. Thanks again for bringing up old memories!

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