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by SIGFan43
Mon Oct 28, 2019 7:32 am
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Topic: Favorite carry method?
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Re: Favorite carry method?

My only handgun is a slim SIG P239 9mm loaded with 124gr JHP Gold Dot (non +P), and Remington Golden Saber +P in spare mags. I have four different holsters, but my favorite holster for concealed carry is my Vedder Light Tuck IWB set at forward cant at 3:15 on the right, with a DeSantis leather double mag pouch OWB for 2nd & 3rd mags on my left at 3:15, and a DeSantis Pocket Pouch in left front pocket for my 4th mag. In the summer, I wear an oversized black or dark T-shirt to cover. During the winter, I tuck in the shirt and cover with a jacket. I find this whole setup very comfortable under all conditions. I also have a Gould & Goodrich 3-slot pancake holster, set to extreme forward cant with thumb safety strap if I ever choose to open carry during the summer, which for me, is an extremely rare (1% chance) event.

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