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by carlson1
Sun May 21, 2006 5:44 pm
Forum: Goals for 2007
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KBCraig wrote:I understand the desire to protect the sanctity of marriage, but I think people are approaching it the wrong way. Instead of legally limiting marriage to one man and one woman, the real solution is to get government out of it altogether.

Think about it: marriage, for the vast majority of people, is a religious matter. And yet, we must pay a fee and ask the state's permission and blessing? Should we also have baptism licenses? Register bar mitzvahs at the county courthouse? Check that you've paid the government fee before taking communion?

Think about the phrase "sanctity of marriage": the word "sanctity" means sacred, holy, inviolable, and implies a religious and moral obligation. You want the government having a say in your deepest, most personal spiritual obligations?Kevin
Very good summation

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