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Fri Sep 01, 2017 2:35 pm
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anygunanywhere wrote:You could do what some have done and post :iagree: on 45 threads.

Just sayin'.
Please do not encourage new members to violate the rules. Rule 13 is very clear it is not just 45 post, but 45 meaningful post.
13. Posting items for sale/trade in the Market Section Except for the FFL subsection, the Market is intended solely for participating members (posts, not money) of It was created as a courtesy to, and for the convenience of, our members, not as an open forum for marketing. Members must reach "Member" status, i.e. 45 posts, before posting anything for sale in the Market Section. (The transition from "Junior Member" to "Member" is done automatically.) The posts must be meaningful, and not made over a short period of time in an obvious effort to run-up the post count. If the majority of a Member's posts are in the market sections, they will be blocked from posting items for sale. Further, "for sale" posts cannot have a link to an auction website or any other website and all posts must list an asking price. All purchasers are strongly encouraged to get the full name, address and telephone number of a seller before purchasing an item and to verify that information. Refusal to provide that information to a purchaser will result in the seller being barred from posting items for sale. If your signature line or the post contains a link to your website or any commercial website, a backlink to must be included in the linked site.

To avoid "for sale' threads from becoming stale, all threads will be locked and moved to the Closed section one month after the first post. Sellers, please edit the subject line to add "CLOSED" if the item is sold or withdrawn.

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