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by flintknapper
Mon Feb 22, 2016 9:26 am
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Topic: Joe Straus supporters list??
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Re: Joe Straus supporters list??

The Annoyed Man wrote:
joe817 wrote:In the last Speaker of the House election, held Jan. 19, 2015, Here is the 19 who voted for Turner(his opponent):

Rep. Rodney Anderson, District 105
Rep. Dustin Burrows, District 83
Rep. Pat Fallon, District 106
Rep. Bryan Hughes, District 5
Rep. Mark Keough, District 15
Rep. Stephanie Klick, District 91
Rep. Matt Krause, District 93
Rep. Jeff Leach, District 67
Rep. Matt Rinaldi, District 115
Rep. Scott Sanford, District 70
Rep. Matt Schaefer, District 6
Rep. Matt Shaheen, District 66
Rep. David Simpson, District 7
Rep. Stuart Spitzer, District 4
Rep. Jonathan Strickland, District 92
Rep. Tony Tinderholt, District 94
Rep. Scott Turner, District 33
Rep. Molly White, District 55
Rep. Bill Zedler, District 96

If your rep isn't on that list, then he voted for Strauss :???:

There was quite a long thread going on about him in the opening days of the Legislature: ... 3&start=30
My rep voted for Strauss. :roll: :???: did MINE! :oops:

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