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by DaveT
Sun Aug 06, 2006 11:46 am
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If the majority of gun shows around the country are like the ones I go to in Abilene, Texas, having everyone disarm is a pretty good thing.

In the past, the shows in Abilene have not not required unloading for a CHL holder.... after several things I have witnessed in the past, I wish the disarm policy was in effect !

Never before in my life, and I mean never, have I ever seen a more motley looking crowd gathered in one place. The word 'redneck' is an understatement to describe some of these folks. If I were still an LEO, I would love to be running background checks on quite a few people in the building.... but these days, they would probably call that profiling.

I watched one man pull a loaded handgun out of a concealed holster so he could see if his gun would fit another holster, etc., and he was pulling his weapon out with his finger on the trigger !

Saw another fellow trying to put a set of grips on a 1911.... and there was a clip inserted at the time !

Saw another man pull out his 9mm Glock and clip on IWB holster, put a new SOB holster on his belt, then try to put his weapon in a new, unfamiliar holster behind his back... with a clip inserted in the Glock.

This one is not a loaded gun incident, but one vendor had quite a few dummy handguns fitted with Crimson Trace grips. I sat back and watched as some true idiots and some young kids tried out the lasers.... by aiming them at other people in the room ! Don't know about y'all, but a red dot in the center of my chest is going to get my attention in a big hurry......

In each case, I did not hesitate to let the booth vendor know what what was going on. Also with each incident, they were usually busy with another customer.

As has been previously stated, the trend to disarm folks at gun shows seems to be the 'lowest common denominator' theory, and the 'lowest common' seems to be getting worse all the time.

There's another gun show in Abilene this coming weekend. If I feel up to it, I may go watch people again.......

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