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by RHenriksen
Sun Feb 01, 2015 5:56 pm
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Topic: Univ of Houston Central Campus - crime alert 01-26-2015
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Univ of Houston Central Campus - crime alert 01-26-2015

Includes aggravated robbery (BG w. gun(s)):
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A warning is being issued to University of Houston students after three separate robberies.

According to campus police, someone visiting the campus was robbed while he walked to his car early Monday morning.

The robber got away with a cellphone.

A few hours later, two men armed with guns robbed a student on the first floor of a campus parking garage. They stole his laptop, book bag and cellphone.

Police want students to realize these crimes are not just happening after dark. They can occur at any time and everyone should be alert.

Police are also investigating a robbery that happened at off-campus apartments. A student was targeted by a robber and his iPhone and student ID were stolen.

It's unclear if the three incidents are connected.

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