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by troglodyte
Mon Feb 19, 2018 9:16 pm
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Topic: I want to keep my guns.
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Re: I want to keep my guns.

TheFriscoKid wrote:
jason812 wrote:
TheFriscoKid wrote:
Is everyone here a 'cold dead hands' advocate ?
Jason, no wife or children ? No other passions or hobbies ? Travel? Anything ?

Really - honestly willing to have a shoot out where the certain result is your death? Regardless of how many you'd take with you ?
Would giving up all you had be too much to ask to preserve your country? Our founders didn’t think so. They were willing to risk it all, including terrible deaths, for a country they had yet to see.

If the time comes we will not be standing alone. There will be patriots whose numbers cannot be counted standing beside us.

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