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by surprise_i'm_armed
Tue Jul 16, 2019 3:53 pm
Forum: New to CHL?
Topic: New to CCW
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Re: New to CCW


Welcome to the board. Choosing your firearms is usually the easy part. You have 2 good ones. Choosing holsters is more vexing.

Whatever you carry, it starts out heavy, but the gun get lighter all the time as you carry on a regular basis.

As an active member of the Dallas area forum breakfast, I cordially invite you to join us the 2nd Saturday of each month.
Time: 800 AM until many hours of conversation later.
Site : Rudy's BBQ, Dallas Parkway, Frisco (northbound side, between Main St. and Eldorado Parkway).
Open carry is fine. 2 breakfast burritos and endless coffee will only run you about $7.50.

The horrendously loud ice machine only interrupts when I am speaking. (Inside joke) :-)


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