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by surprise_i'm_armed
Tue Jul 30, 2019 4:05 pm
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Topic: SC: Bodycam of LEO shooting homeowner through front door.
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SC: Bodycam of LEO shooting homeowner through front door. ... 855233001/

The above link is primarily body cam of a Greenville County, SC LEO responding to a call. The homeowner had no awareness that a medical alert had apparently been triggered by someone in his home. The alarm company called 911. The 911 dispatcher got no response from a phone call to the home.
The homeowner had been asleep, heard a knock on his door, armed himself with a Smith and Wesson .38 snubbie, and approached his front door.

The LEO responded by shooting multiple rounds through the small glass panes beside the front door. He hit the homeowner twice, once was in the groin (ouch!). The homeowner is a 2A friend and will survive.

The LEO is in trouble because he said the door opened and the homeowner pointed his gun at him. The body cam shows that the door had not been opened before the LEO engaged the innocent homeowner.

This video is 10 minutes, 37 seconds long. It serves as an example of what can go wrong in such a situation.
There is strong language and blood in this video, so be aware.


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