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by powerboatr
Thu Oct 26, 2017 10:39 pm
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Re: TSA Contact

not to laugh, but it is so refreshing to see tsa irritates them as well as me.
When i was freshly retired after 22 years of naval service, tsa denied me a job...NO SECURITY or FIREARM experience was the reason. :clapping: :biggrinjester: :biggrinjester:

i find them in large airports to be as smart as a bed bug. But at small airports in smaller towns like huntsville al or tyler it seems the agents actually live in the town and know almost everyone, so they are more apt to be pleasant and maybe the appearance of smarts.
I try not o irritate them, but do get my jabs in when something glowingly stupid occurs. Like making a no legged person get out of the wheel chair, then not helping them get back in.
dfw imo has the worse agents in the country, this includes atlanta hartsfield. well the southeast :mrgreen:

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