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by mikeintexas
Thu Feb 04, 2010 10:02 pm
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Topic: Shoulder Holster Solutions.......
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Re: Shoulder Holster Solutions.......

Thanks Flint and LT for putting your time into this.

A friend built me a shoulder rig from a Tandy pattern a couple of years ago. The difference is mine was built to hold the pistol vertically. Being right handed, this holster has a wide strap that fits over my left shoulder and a narrow strap that crosses in the back and goes around the front of your right shoulder. While my holster may not sweep as many body parts when drawing already being vertical, it does not have a place to carry spare mags or a flashlight.

I now use a Supertuck IWB almost exclusively. We are a hugging congregation and I got a couple of funny looks with the shoulder rig! :???:

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