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by A-R
Mon Oct 25, 2010 1:23 pm
Forum: 2010 TexasCHLforum Day at PSC
Topic: Thanks to everyone for a great event!
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Re: Thanks to everyone for a great event!


Thanks so much to Charles, the staff and helpers at PSC, and of course the instructors. I was only able to make two clinics - had to skip my third clinic when wife called that both kids were sick (they're better now - amazing how quickly little ones recover from common cold). But the two I attended were very worthwhile. The clinics (cover & concealment and speed reloading) also reinforced in me the knowledge that shooting competitions like IDPA - while "just a game" - do improve your real world skills. In both classes, I felt I had a good foundation in techniques from shooting a few IDPA matches, but both instructors were able to build on that foundation and show me some intermediate/advanced skills to improve further with practice. I'll definitely be practicing the "high reload" technique on my next range trip and next match.

The Texas Star - what can you say that hasn't been said? I'm still seeing that cursed contraption bobbin' and weavin' in my mind. What a great training device. Just when I thought I'd mastered it in the morning before my first class (5 shots, 5 hits, all plates gone) I got "comfortable" and nearly blew through an entire 17-round mag trying to take it down. Then tried it with two separate wheel guns and learned quickly that the Texas Star is boss. And it is a boss that demands your undivided attention - slack off any of the basic skills of shooting - grip, stance, trigger squeeze, concentrate on front sight, etc and you'll miss wildly and look like a fool. The Texas Star is also a very hungry master - I know I fed it well over 150 rounds of 9mm + some assorted other calibers. By the end of the day, I was able to consistently knock down all 5 plates with 6 shots or less multiple times with my Glock (gave up on hitting it with revolvers) - then the real pros came over and showed me just how fast you can shoot all 5 plates if youre REALLY good. But MANY MANY thanks to Dave for his expert tutelage in the ways of taming the beast - I would've been lost if he hadn't shown me early on how to hit the top plate first, so as not to send the contraption swining wildly off balance by hitting a bottom plate first AND most importantly reminding me to focus on the front sight not on the darn swinin' plates ....... great fun and great training.

Wonderful to finally put faces to so many screen names. The Annoyed Man and The Pleasant Woman were fellow students at cover & conceal class, and got to see SIA again and meet Middle Age Russ at speed reload class. Jamisjockey and I squared off multiple times on the side-by-side Texas Stars (and he let me beat him with his own gun - a sweet-shooting RIA 1911). Got to shoot some with jbirds1210, TerryG, USA1 was there and so many others. And many many thanks (or is it curses?) to Capt Dave for letting me send some rounds toward the Star with his Smith & Wesson M&P Pro .... I think I may have found a gun I like equally as well as (or maybe even better?!?!?!) than my Glock (curses for making me cheat on my Glock after all these years, and start looking at prices of M&Ps).

Charles was a wonderful host and the Friday night Use of Force lecture was superb. I filled 5 spiral notebook pages with notes and will be incorporating much of it into my own CHL classes.

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