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by apowell
Wed Mar 08, 2006 4:46 pm
Forum: Goals for 2007
Topic: Improper No Guns / 30.06 posting of a government building
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I know I'm responding to a really old post but:

tomneal: The City of Houston forces all CHL Holders that enter city of Houston facilities to wear a RED badge indication that they are carrying a gun.
Do they still do this?
I'm not in Houston, so how do/did they force you to wear a scarlet letter?
Do they metal detect you or what?
Does everyone have to wear a badge and CHLers just get a red one?
Does making you wear a badge cause you to "intentionally fail to conceal"? :???:
If it doesn't, could you wear a jacket around town that says "I HAVE A CONCEALED HANDGUN" on the back? :twisted:
If you are wearing the red badge, can you then open carry in the facility, since you are already no longer truly concealed? :roll:

That is just about the stupidest, for lack of a real word, policy.

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